Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chicken Update!

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Our chickens are now a bit over three weeks old! No longer are they sweet, fluffy-butt fur balls, they are now looking more like adolescent chickens. Today was a very nice day, so we thought we'd let them have their first experience outside for the whole day. 

Sort of like "time off for good behavior."

Or a chicken field-trip.


Here Mikayla is unloading them into their home for the day.

We have 15 chickens and several different breeds for a variety of  eggs, and a variety of fiesty chicken-personalities.
Because you KNOW we lack zesty-personalities in this house. (Snicker)

 They seem to be enjoying their new (temporary) digs.

This is one of the Rhode Island Reds we have. She's a very pretty bird.

 You can see a few Ameraucanas here. They are the light colored birds.

Only a few of our chickens have names. This chicken is named Oreo, and she's my favorite. Her head has a fuzzy, round, white shape like Oreo filling.

This is our tiniest chicken, a gal we call "Squirt." We aren't sure why she's so small, but she's the runt of the group.

Everyone loves Squirt.

Squirt still looks like a chick, but you can see she's got lovely wing feathers now.

Kenna is our little squirt, and was happily watching her sister, Mikayla (Aka "Chicken Wrangler Extrordinaire") hold up all these chickens for me to photograph.

This chicken is the biggest of the flock. Big Bertha is what we call her. She's sort of a bully. We have three of this type of chicken and they are Wyandotte breed. They will be very pretty hens.

Bertha's wing feathers

We covered the pen with chicken-wire to deter them from attempting to fly out, and to keep hawks and other predators away. 
Otherwise it'd be like opening a McNugget stand equipped with flashing neon lights. 
Because, frankly, it tastes like chicken.
And everyone loves chicken.

We will update again after our coop is in place and the feathery friends move into their new abode.
And out of my garage. 

Did I mention that I'm looking forward to that?


  1. You have a great flock. It is always good when one of the children is good at catching the birds. I have one like that, well both of the girls are pretty good, but Alicia is our "chicken lady". I knew you wouldn't want them in the garage for very long. Our's took up residence for 5 months. It was not a pretty sight, NOR smell. Now they are very happy outside and pushing out the eggs. Looking forward to more news on your chickens.

  2. I can't imagine 5 months, but I'm hoping the weather will allow our girls to live outside by end of May, or beginning of June. :)