Monday, May 12, 2014

The Birds

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Recently, our little Makenna found a small bird's nest while playing in the yard. For whatever reason, Mama and Papa Bird decided to start a family down in some salal bushes on the ground, in the middle of the Arrows and Olives backyard-superhighway, instead of up high in a nearby tree like reasonable parents. Obviously, they are unfamiliar with the neighborhood around here. Perhaps they are first-time parents so we'll let it slide, but it's darn near miraculous that certain curious little boys of mine have decided (thus far) to obey me and steer far clear of the nest area. And this has allowed these birds to survive more than a day.  

We've turned observing these little peeps into a bit of a school project/ science experiment. 

{Yeah, what can I say, as a schoolmarm I suck the fun out of everything.  It's a gift.}

I managed to snap a quick photo each day.

And like any new parents trying to shield their progeny from nosy, pregnant, blogging-paparazzi, Mama and Papa Bird perched on a branch overhead and clicked out small chirrups in their disgust at my presence and hurled tiny bird swears at me.  

Day 1: 4 unhatched eggs in the nest

 Day 2:  Two babies hatched, but clearly the 4th egg is missing. Where could it be? It's a mystery!

Day 3:  Third baby arrives to join it's homely siblings.

Day 4: Trying to keep warm while the crazy lady takes our picture

Day 5: "Hey! We're starvin' here!"

Day 6: Finally getting some fuzz and looking more like birds 

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10: It was dark and raining when I got around to taking their picture. They aren't really this blue. See the water droplet?

Day 11: Looking different! They are fuzzy and  getting speckles.

Day 12: So, it was like this. I went to snap their photo, and the little buggers all hopped out of their nest and ran in opposite directions. I was so surprised that I just stood there and watched them for a few minutes. Apparently baby birds grow very quickly! They had all the same coloring and markings as their parents.

Day 13: The Bird parents ditched their digs and moved to an upscale retirement community, and the kids moved out to their own apartments. 

I look back at these birds and see how quickly they grew up, became voters and went away to college, and I can only manage one final  thought;
My own nest won't be empty for a good long while.
And no matter the work, the mess, or the chaos,

I'm entirely grateful for that.

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  1. Me too!!!! I don't want to even think about my little ones growing up...not just yet. Wonderful shots you got! Poor little #4.. :0( Life is just amazing.